The Lark's Song Global Education Initiative


In May of 2015, a research trip conducted by Lark’s Song in partnership with God’s House Ministries, based out of Marion, Indiana, revealed the following information:

  • The greatest needs for education in Zambia are sufficient, standardized teacher training, and readily available teaching materials.
  • Lark’s Song could meet these needs for the newly constructed Ceelelo School by training teachers and by delivering materials online.

The initial phase of this project was made possible in large part through a grant provided by Blackboard, Inc. and the tireless work of our board secretary, Jill Morrison. Additional support was provided by several generous partners.

We anticipated training 12 educational coaches for the Ceelelo school in the Chilanga district of Lusaka, Zambia. We were able to do this and train an additional 14 educational coaches from other schools within the Chilanga and Lilayi districts, as well as university professors, pastors, and school administrators


Special thanks to: