We have several options for registration with the Academy. If you are seeking to become a Lark's Song Certified Coach (LSCC), look at the first option below.  

If a customized monthly payment plan is needed for your financial situation, please call us at (765) 667-2757 or email info@larkssong.com.

Lark's Song Certified Coach (LSCC) - Full Training & Certification

The total cost of the Lark's Song Certified Coach training program is $5,452.
You can save 10% with our single payment option of $4,907, or pay in 4 separate payments of $1,363 (each due at registration and then each following onsite training).
Or you can register now to save your spot in the next cohort and contact us to set up a payment plan that will work for you.

Payment type:
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Lark's Song Coaching Externship

Coaching is the professional practice of partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Externships are short-term, intense training programs in a professional workplace offered to students as a part of their course of study.

The coaching externship with the Lark's Song Academy is a total of 6 days long, divided into two three-day trainings. During the first onsite training, you will learn, observe, and practice competencies in foundational coaching skills, coaching assessment, professional cross-disciplinary application, and personal integration. At the second onsite training you will gain skills and competencies in systems coaching and experience-assisted methods including art, play, and high-adventure.

Our team of professional coach trainers - the Collective Coaches, have multiple national, international, and specialized certifications and over 30 years of combined professional coaching experience. Our training program has been nationally-approved and internationally recognized.

All Lark's Song Academy Externships will be held at the Lark's Song Headquarters located at 401 S Washington St, Marion, IN.

The total cost of the Lark's Song Academy coaching externship program is $2,600. We will work with your university or educational institution to provide you the best experience possible and create opportunities for continuing education and course credit where desired.

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Foundations of Coaching Course

If you are interested in coaching, or have thought about enrolling in the LSCC program, you can register for the single-weekend session, "Foundations of Coaching." 

In the Foundations of Coaching onsite training, you will become familiar with the movement of positive psychology and gain immediate experience and feedback in coaching skills and techniques.

If you choose to continue with the rest of the LSCC program, you will receive a partial discount off of the full enrollment cost.

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