Little Larks Well-being Training - The Lark's Song Impact Series

At Lark’s Song we assume that every person is uniquely valuable and that we each carry core human needs for meaning, significance, hope, contribution, and belonging. It is from a clear understanding of our foundational values, unique design, and response to human needs that we can discover an overriding purpose of our lives and live with confidence around that purpose.

This includes children.

Research has shown that when children are trained in life purpose discovery and well-being they not only have clarity around their purpose and increased well-being, but they also indicate increased academic performance and decreased depression and anxiety. Lark’s Song is looking to partner with individuals who hold the same perspective for our younger generations.


Our curriculum is composed of 16 modules that address core components and critical questions around life discovery and well-being through the use of children’s literature and an experiential learning model. Even after the first round of training this past spring we are finding that Little Lark’s Well Being is going to influence so many communities and social circles. Even in the first training session, this Well-Being curriculum will travel and take root in universities, church communities, summer camps, and after-school programs. It will even be adapted to the Spanish language.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from the training participants as they are reflecting back upon their time learning the curriculum. Many spoke about how helpful it was that the training was collaborative. One of the participants, Leanne, says, “I loved the material and the ability to share your experience with others in the learning process.” Others have spoke about how encouraging and supportive the curriculum training is for their mission and vision for their circles. Another participant, Jill, adds, “I loved the content, the many layers to understanding individual children, and the respect for the complexity of how kids learn and develop. Never once was something brushed over, and it was refreshing to have an entire group of people coming together acknowledging that our work with kids is earth-shakingly important.”

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If you are a parent or educator that would like to receive training in the Little Larks Well-Being Curriculum, register for our next training cohort. This is a 6-week online training program with 90 minutes of live training per week and 2-3 hours of independent learning.

Wednesdays from 12:00-1:30 PM starting Wednesday, June 13, 2018