Superhero Camp - The Lark's Song Impact Series

“I am WORTHY. I am CREATIVE. I am UNIQUE. I am CAPABLE. I am READY!” Lark’s Song partnered with the YMCA in Wabash, IN this past June for a week of Superhero Camp. Volunteers from Lark’s Song joined forces with the volunteers from the YMCA to ultimately empower and recognize the strengths of almost 50 Little Lark’s.

During the five days, each child learned to identify the superhero that they already are, they learned about their superpower strengths, they learned how to fight their villains – like stress and “mind bandits”, and how to describe the problems they want to solve. They became equipped with real-life skills to increase their well-being across the board. Every day included stories, songs, exercise, time outside, games, meditation, snacks and other activities.

Superhero camp is so much more than what a description can capture. Erica Eyer, Little Larks Well-Being Coach, describes her biggest takeaway from Superhero camp, “My biggest takeaway from Superhero Camp this year was that this thing that we're doing causes magical transformations in kids. Time stops for a moment when a kid fully embodies that superhero Identity they created for themselves. They become this braver more confident version of themselves. For some kids, it's the first time they have ever been told they have value and purpose and it's really magnificent to watch them embrace their super strengths and superhero powers.”

Brooke Life has faithfully dedicated her time and energy to Superhero camp each year. She speaks highly about the impact that Superhero camp has had, not only in her own life but in the lives of the children she has had the privilege of leading. “Superhero camp has changed how I view kids. To know that these kids struggle with the same things that I do has impacted me to let them be where they are but also to walk along with them through that. Superhero camp has shown me how amazing kids are.”

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