Nicholas Hindes, LSCC - The Lark's Song Impact Series

Nicholas Hindes is a Lark's Song Certified Coach (LSCC) from Cohort 4, who is using his certification to impact the Marion community in many unique ways. He says, “I am in the process of starting a non-profit that abolishes burnout in ministry and marriage. It’s for anyone who feels burnt out or tired in the service that they do. The coaching I’ve done primarily in the past year has focused on those two things [ministry and burnout]. It’s been a niche for me. I’m actually in the process of planning some retreats to provide a space for those who give so much to their community to actually receive and experience some refreshing, so that they can continue to give. This way that burnout and tiredness in their profession of helping others can actually be mitigated.”

Through his time with the Academy, Nicholas discovered many resources and powerful tools to use in his everyday life. Coaching in general has changed the way that Nicholas connects with others. When asked about the ways that the Academy has impacted him personally he responded with such wisdom in saying, “I used to fall into a victim and powerless mindset before The Academy. One of the greatest ways the Lord has spoke to me through The Academy was that I am not a victim. I am a powerful person.” The Academy is ultimately to receive your certification as a coach, but it can be so much more than that if you allow it. Our comprehensive, nationally approved program challenges you to build on your natural strengths through learning and applying professional coaching skills.

To those who are considering becoming a LSCC, “It’s worth the money. It’s worth the investment. You are making an investment in your certification and education so that you can invest in others. It’s worth it because you can be more effective in impacting the world on a greater scale. Whether the world is millions of people or your family, it’s worth the investment financially.” One word that Nicholas would use to describe his experience is equipped. The LSCC program is a 140-hour, CCE (Center for Credentialing and Education) approved coach training program that is designed to be completed in 6 months. The combination of the onsite education with the efficiency of online & virtual methods gives participants the practical application, feedback, experience and flexibility to leverage their learning. All cohorts have a maximum of 15 participants so that you receive the individual attention, supervision, and customization that you need.

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