Coaching and Systems: Jenna's Perspective

Story by Jaylan Miller Photos by Megan Gilmore and Jami Taylor

Story by Jaylan Miller
Photos by Megan Gilmore and Jami Taylor

On February 1st and 2nd, Cohort 11 of the LSCC training program participated in their fourth onsite training: Coaching and Systems. This onsite focused on teaching the techniques and skills needed to coach groups or organizations to reach their goals and develop their potential.

Jenna Keele, a senior Management and Psychology major at Indiana Wesleyan University, first became interested in the LSCC Training Program after experiencing the transformative power of life coaching during her first few years of undergrad. Two summers ago, Jenna served as an intern with Lark’s Song and continued to stay connected after that position ended. She then enrolled in the training program with Cohort 11.


In this onsite, the coaches-in-training learned about systems theory and conflict resolution. Jenna explained, “I was able to learn more about my style of conflict, and how that often impacts the individuals that I am in relationship with, which will be extremely valuable as I am able to apply this learning to future conflicts and disagreements.”

When asked to share a few highlights from the training program overall, Jenna explained that it was difficult for her to pick just a few highlights. Jenna explained one thing she loved about the onsites was being coached by the other participants: “The experience of being coached by a variety of styles and skill levels has opened my eyes to appreciate how free and creative the coaching profession can be. There is not one ‘right’ way to do anything or to coach around any particular subject.”


Another of Jenna’s highlights was learning from Lark’s Song professional coaches at the onsites.

“The coaches who lead the onsites are filled with energy and passion for this work, and they are quick to celebrate with the participants as they try out new tools and stretch their coaching range. They create an environment that supports growth and creativity, while continually offering new levels of challenge as participants learn and grow through the process,” she said.

After completing the training program, Jenna plans on coaching part-time, while continuing to participate in Lark’s Song workshops and events. She will also use the knowledge and experience gained in the training program in her personal and professional relationships.

Embodying the coaching assumptions is one of the ways Jenna will use her training with every person she interacts with.


“I will continue to view people as creative, resourceful, whole, relational and filled with purpose.

I will trust that every person is uniquely created, and that they are capable of solving complex problems. And I will hold others accountable to the truth that they are ready to make changes that impact their life now. When I approach life through this lens, my relationships are filled with more meaning, and I also see myself as entirely capable of handling every challenge that crosses my path. It’s a very empowering posture to take, and I’m so grateful to be able to carry the tools to do so.”

Jenna urged those who are considering signing up for the next cohort: “There will never be a time that feels ‘right’ or a time that feels like you’re ‘more ready.’ This inner work is too important to pass up or put off, and you owe it to yourself and your world. Lark’s Song’s coach training program is excellent and so, so worth it! Absolutely do it. Do it afraid, do it unsure.”

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BY Jaylan Miller | Writing Intern