Katara McCarty, LSCC

Katara represents a medley of ‘I...can, will, and do.’
— Anonymous

Katara McCarty is a coach, author, motivational speaker, and the Chairwoman of Lark’s Song’s board. She has been involved with Lark’s Song since the beginning and went through the training program with cohort 4. Before going through the training program, Katara was not sure how she would use her certification, but she felt like going through the program was the right step at the time...and because Megan said, “Girl, you need to go through the program.” Since completing the program, Katara has created her personal coaching business/practice. She coaches businesses and organizations on how to develop stronger cultures where women and girls can fiercely thrive and one on one coaching with women who have husbands who are in high profile positions.

In addition to being a coach, Katara is the host and creator of the Red Lips & Eye Rolls podcast and the author of a children’s book called Pretty Girl. Her book teaches young girls that no matter their shape, color, or size, they can love themselves and others.

This book came from my own experience of growing up in a world where I didn’t look like other little girls, and needing to learn what being pretty really means.
— Katara McCarty

“She is a model of overcoming obstacles. She will do whatever she can for others. She does whatever she sets her mind to.” -Anonymous

“Katara is fiery and fresh.” -Emily Hathway

“She is tenderhearted and very generous with her time and energy and her wisdom.” -Jami Taylor

The foundational coaching assumptions, including that every person is naturally creative, resourceful, whole and relational, have changed Katara’s life. She says, “It has changed the way I view people.” Katara explains that Lark’s Song has given her a community of coaches to be a part of. She says, “As an entrepreneur, it can be lonely and challenging, but knowing I have my LSCC community has been a comfort and a source of strength. There is a comradery between our LSCC’s that is refreshing and powerful.”

To those who are interested in the LSCC training program, Katara wants them to know that they should totally do it. She says, “Even if they don’t have an exact plan on what they will do with their certification. If they are drawn to do it, then do it! I had no idea what I was going to do with my certification, but now I have a thriving coaching business.”

Follow Katara on Instagram and Twitter @KataraMcCarty.

For more information on Katara McCarty’s work and to contact her, visit her website, kataramccarty.com.

For more information on the LSCC training program and to register, visit www.larkssong.com/overview.

BY Jaylan Miller | Writing Intern