Jami Taylor, LSCC

Jami Taylor is the LSCC Community Coach. Jami was a part of the LSCC training program’s second cohort. Before joining the training program, Jami was invited by Emily Hathway to lead a workshop on the first Day of Aliveness in October of 2013. At the time, Jami and her family were living in Georgia. After Jami led the workshop, Emily explained to her that she was already using coaching skills without knowing it. After Emily told her more about coaching, she decided to ask her friend Amanda Foust, an LSCC from Cohort 1, to coach her. “I was just blown away by what was happening. So then I decided to go through the program,” Jami explains.

As the LSCC Community Coach, Jami now works directly with the LSCCs from before the time they sign up, through the program, and beyond. She works at each onsite as the lead assistant and runs the assistant program, which allows LSCCs to come and assist both days of the onsite training. Jami plays a vital role in the program, as she helps the training run smoothly and allows leaders to be able to invest their time in the education fully and not having to worry about much else at all. Jami explains, “It's really fun to [...] create and hold a space for the participants in the leaders to be able to be so focused and fully invested in their time.”

Her presence is radiant, and it impacts the space in a very beautiful way. Who she is is a gift. She’s just a wild woman who is a fierce protector and loving mother and deeply cares for her people. She is a gift to her community and her people. She listens incredibly well. She’s open to hearing other people who are not like her, specifically with race or religion. She’s profound in her listening and in what she says.
— Brenna McCarty

The LSCC program has impacted Jami personally in many ways. Jami describes how the coaching assumptions permeate into her whole life. “You can’t just turn it on for your clients,” she says. “You have to believe that all people are naturally creative, resourceful, and relational and believe [the assumptions] about yourself. Learning to believe [the assumptions] about myself has been one of the most transformational things.” She explains that when she does not believe the assumptions about her family, friends, and herself, she “can tell that something's not quite congruent or resonant.”

As my wife, Jami’s passion for life propels me down the path of exploration and experience. Her mind is fixed upon the wonders all around us, and she deeply honors the beautiful mysteries of the Universe in a manner I have found to be unrivaled. Jami is a helper who is passionate about seeing others sing their heart song. She approaches every person with a joyful creativity and is capable of illuminating their potential when they don’t see it in themselves.
— Tom Taylor

She discusses how holding the assumptions about her children has been especially influential to her as a mother: “Learning to believe that about humans from conception to death that that's true in like what that means especially as I think as a parent is a big part of her, that's impacted me in the way. I raised my kids and the way that I talk to them and about them and the space that I hold for them to try and fail to try and succeed.”

When asked if she has any additional interests aside from coaching, Jami answered, “I am really passionate about coaching principles, so I can’t imagine coaching not being in connection to whatever I’m doing.” The coaching principles have become a way of being for her. An additional interest of Jami’s is herbalism. She recently opened an herbal business called Sky and Forest Herbs which carries herbal tea blends, salves, soaks and more.

To anyone considering joining the coach training program, Jami says, “Do it. Stop waiting to do it and just do it. It’s completely worth it. The investment you make with your finances and your time and energy will pay off both professionally and personally in ways that you cannot imagine or expect. Jump in and do it.”

For more information on the LSCC training program and to register, visit LarksSong.com/overview.

BY Jaylan Miller | Writing Intern