Co-Lab Coaching Resources

Lark's Song Coaching Tools:

Choose Aliveness Self-Care Activity
This tool is created to lead clients in clarifying the themes & values that uniquely honor & nourish them.

Couples Worksheets
Three worksheets for use in couples coaching: Observations & Feelings, Needs & Boundaries, and Love & Forgiveness

Future Self Visualization
Full script for the Future Self visualization

House of You Visualization
Full script for the House of You guided journey visualization

“I Can Be…And” Worksheet
Use this worksheet with your clients to engage in the practice of expanding their range and calling forth their true self.

IMAGE Assessment “Salsa Scale” Guide
A breakdown of how the different IMAGE types relate to each other.

IMAGE Assessment “Star” Team Grid
Use this grid to further reveal the system - a supplement to the IMAGE assessment.

Inner Witness Guided Imagining
Use this when your client has been doing the work around their limiting beliefs to give them access to more of their experience and internal resourcefulness.

Lark's Song Posse Tool
This is a tool for mapping the most resonant internal & external resources in a client's life.

Life Purpose Statement Guide & Visualizations
Guide to walking a client through the three visualizations and follow-up needed to craft their own life-purpose statement.

Personal Assessment Wheel
An exercise designed to measure a client’s level of satisfaction in nine different areas of their life.

Sample Session Format
A guide on how to structure a sample session for a prospective client.

The Servant Leader Paradigm chart
The chart comparing the Servant Leader Paradigm with other leadership models.

Team StrengthsFinder Grid
Use this grid to display a team’s StrengthsFinder assessment results. List the names and themes, and the grid is created automatically.

Values Card Sort
This tool is designed for the introduction to exploring values with clients - created by our very own Rachel Passereni!

LSCC Onsite Guides:

Foundations of Coaching
The original worksheets that were distributed during your Foundations of Coaching onsite training.

Experience-Assisted Coaching
The original worksheets that were distributed during your Experience-Assisted Coaching onsite training.

Coaching and Self
The original worksheets that were distributed during your Coaching and Self onsite training.

Coaching and Systems
The original worksheets that were distributed during your Coaching and Systems onsite training.


17 Hats
Solopreneurship resource for billing and client management

Excel spreadsheets on steroids

Draw Toast
A simple & fun introduction to Systems Thinking

Goals motivated by values, all organized by calendars and partner options

A website & app to help you with the practice of positivity

Coaching client tracker app for iPhone

SMS scheduler
An app to schedule text messages (multiple uses for clients: accountability, reminders, etc.

Sign Up Genius
Free online sign-up forms

Acuity Scheduling
Online appointment scheduling software

An email app that allows you to schedule or remind yourself of emails

Satori app
An app specifically designed for life coaches and client management

Coaches Console
Online resource for managing coaching business

Character (Every) Day Mobile App
An app with over 5,000 resources for strengthening character

A website that shares evidence & practitioner-based learning strategies for improving K-12 education

Khan Academy
Website & app with free expert-created content & resources for every subject & level

Points of You
The coaching game that's more than just a game

An online resource for professional practice listings

An audio recording app that uploads directly to a linked Dropbox account - great for recording coaching sessions for supervision or learning! 

Life Reimagined
A fun website tool for helping clients discover their values, mission, etc. in a fun way

ICF Indy Chapter Professional Development