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Increasing well-being through education in life purpose discovery, coaching, and leadership development.

Whether it's working with high school students to discover their life purpose, partnering with entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and businesses, or empowering individuals to realize their goals through one-on-one coaching relationships, Lark's Song is proud to share a role in the positive change that is happening in the lives of those we have served. 

What is Lark's Song?

Throughout history and mythology, larks have been symbols of daybreak and courage with each bird learning and singing its own unique and elaborate song from birth. Lark's Song is an educational nonprofit organization that was started by a group of motivated human services professionals in June 2013 dedicated to serving others in the discovery of their unique and elaborate life purpose and empowering them to confidently and courageously live it out through transformational servant leadership. Our work is focused on three main areas:

Lark's Song provides several opportunities to increase awareness, discovery, and courageous choice around personal life purpose. We understand that the sooner we can engage in these opportunities in our lives, the more we can increase our fulfillment and flourishing around our well-being. Among these opportunities are:

The LSCC (Lark's Song Certified Coach) Academy is an accredited, nationally recognized program that challenges individuals to build on their natural strengths through learning and applying professional coaching skills. Learn more about the program or register here.


Our leadership programs empower individuals and organizations to their highest leadership potential by challenging their paradigms, defining goals, clarifying paths, and partnering with their followers to create a shared vision. Among these programs are:

  • Made Wild - Personal Leadership Development

  • Assets-based Group Coaching – Organizational Development

  • Appreciative Inquiry – Community Development

Upcoming events

A Limited Time Offer - Settle Your Glitter!

When life and your emotions get too overwhelming, sometimes you just need to Settle Your Glitter! Developed by Lark's Song executive director Megan Gilmore and her 4 year old daughter Isabella, this stress-management tool is our gift to you for your tax-deductible donation of $20 or more.