The Lark's Song Well-Being Curriculum

Research has shown that when children are trained in life purpose discovery and well-being they not only have clarity around their purpose and increased well-being, but they also indicate increased academic performance and decreased depression and anxiety.

Our curriculum is composed of 16 modules that address core components and critical questions around life purpose discovery and well-being through the use of children’s literature and an experiential learning model.

Developed by Lark’s Song and based on the experiential learning model initially developed by David Kolb, it has been written by Megan Gilmore, Erica Eyer and other members of the Global Education Initiatives team at Lark’s Song in partnership with Bill Millard at Life Discovery and Emily Larson at the International Positive Education Network.

Lark's Song is currently making this curriculum available for FREE, to individuals and educators who have completed the online training program! Read more about the training program below.


Curriculum Training

If you are a parent or educator that would like to receive training in the Little Larks Well-Being Program, register for our next training cohort. This is a 6-week online training program with 90 minutes of live training per week and 2-3 hours of independent learning.


Cost, Location, & Requirements:

The Little Larks Well-Being Program training costs $150 and all training occurs in virtual/online formats.

The requirements for participation are a signed copy of the Little Larks Credo, full payment upon registration, and completion of all 6 weeks of training homework within three months. This training is a self-study so that you can work through it at a pace and schedule that works for you.

Once the curriculum training is complete, the participants will receive the full Little Larks Curriculum and access to the online Well-Being Class for free, as well as a directory of trained Well-Being Class leaders.

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