Dan Poff

Dan Poff (Ph.D., CPCC) is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Associate Professor of Leadership Studies whose diverse academic and professional background has brought him to Lark's Song and the Coaching Collective. His 34 years of professional and academic experience has had at least one overriding theme – that of helping others realize their purpose and potential. Since 2003, Dan has been a life coach and has recently expanded his practice to include relationship coaching and organizational/team development.

Most notable is Dan’s ability to create a safe and trusting environment that enables his clients to discover and transform their lives and relationships. Through the lens of Family Systems Theory, he brings a sophisticated understanding of how complex dynamic relationships in organizations can be enhanced resulting in improved individual and team performance and collegiality. Dan is the President of Relational Synergistics LLC. Dan’s earned his undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy (1980) and master’s degree in human development (1987) from The Ohio State University, and a doctorate in family science from Purdue University.