Emily Hathway

Culture Care Coach

Emily Hathway (MA, LSCC) has a passion for seeing the Kingdom of God come in unexpected and oft-forgotten places, especially through the beauty of community and in the unpredictable messiness of life. She believes fiercely in the power of grounded hope that chooses to see the reality of brokenness and to see beyond to the life that is emerging. 

Emily holds her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and Masters of Student Development Counseling & Administration, from Indiana Wesleyan University.  It was through the Counseling program, and participating in a Life Coaching course taught by Megan, that she discovered and embraced a love of coaching as a life skill and vocation. During her time in graduate school, Emily lived in an intentional living-learning community in downtown Marion and sought to learn and grow through honoring relationships and valuing people's stories in her home and in the neighborhood. The emerging themes in her life, and some of her favorite topics to coach around, include imagination and creativity, abundance, courage, and above all - hope. Emily now runs her own coaching practice with a focus on coaching individuals and small communities, and leading group workshops around the topics of purpose, strengths, vision, and developing imagination.

Her favorite flower is a Dandelion because of its simple beauty that springs up in the most unexpected and foreboding places, and from time to time she still likes to play with Legos to refresh her imagination.

Emily can be reached at emily@larkssong.com.