Evan Gilmore

Culture Care Experience Designer


With an extensive background in technology, AV, and multimedia consulting and support, Evan has worked with studios, corporations, schools and universities across the country to design and support environments for production, live events, meeting spaces, and sound reinforcement. In addition to his professional experience in these areas, Evan's educational background encompasses both technical design and business operations, having studied music business at Anderson University, as well as post-graduate certification and credentialing in related fields.

He is passionate in his belief that everyone is given a unique set of strengths and abilities; Evan enjoys working with individuals and groups around this topic. This often leads to developing a working knowledge of their strengths and how to maximize their unique skill set to achieve their personal and professional goals. Being married to Megan, the founder and executive director of Lark's Song, he has gained a valuable perspective on the areas of individual and group empowerment, and overcoming limiting beliefs that impede progress both individually and collectively. The two of them have worked as a team to lead personal and professional development workshops as well as team and corporate training.

Evan is a firm believer in the values of curiosity, diversity, and always being willing to try something new. His two children, Elliot and Isabella, constantly prove to be his greatest teachers of love, patience, and the idea that we are all capable of achieving that which is beyond our wildest dreams.

Evan can be reached at evan@larkssong.com.