Jami Taylor

LSCC Community Coach


As the Creative Strategy Coach for our LSCC Community, Jami Taylor (LSCC) helps to provide support for our coaches in training and ongoing support to our coaches who have graduated from the program. 

Jami is a Lark's Song Certified Coach, and she holds a degree in Biblical Literature and Intercultural Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University and serves as the Minister of Discipleship at God's House - Marion. 

She spent several years serving children in the foster care system at a children's home in Georgia alongside her husband, Tom. They have two beautiful sons, one adopted and one biological. Jami home schools her sons and their favorite part of school, by far, is participating in the Little Lark's Well-Being Curriculum. 

Jami has a deeply rooted passion for helping others turn up the volume on their own unique song and she expresses this in all areas of her life, professionally and personally. She found that the LSCC training helped her turn that passion into a refined skill. She loves the work that Lark's Song is always up to and is excited to use her passions and skills to support the LSCC Community.

One of her absolute favorite things to do is to sit on a blanket in the sunshine and paint. A  beautiful, refreshing drink and friends or her kids nearby enhances the experience, too, of course!

Jami can be reached at jami@larkssong.com.