Jill Morrison

Board Secretary

Jill’s professional and personal life’s work have always been focused on embracing the positive, understanding personal uniqueness, living life with intentionality, and motivating others to give their best to the world around them. She has spent the past 15 years working in the field of positive psychology, envisioning and creating programs targeted at helping college students and professional teams identify and live out their life purpose. She has held positions at a number of private universities including Greenville College (IL), Azusa Pacific University (CA), and Indiana Wesleyan University ranging from career coach and faculty member to Executive Director of the Center for Life Calling & Leadership. In each of her university positions she has led grant writing and grant administration initiatives, securing a total of over $3.5 million for meaningful programming. Jill now provides strategic consultation for individuals interested in understanding and applying strengths to meaningful pursuits, as well as for organizations wanting to pursue grant funding for purpose-focused programming.

It was during her time at Indiana Wesleyan University that Jill crossed paths with Megan, working closely with her for 5 years. She heard about Megan’s dream to create an organization focused on wholeness and aliveness and saw as Megan put her plan to action. She and Megan share similar passions while possessing different strengths and skill sets, so serving on the Board for Lark’s Song was a natural fit and an opportunity she could not turn down.

Life purpose has taken on a whole new meaning as Jill navigates motherhood with two young children. She embraces the values of curiosity, ingenuity, bravery, and persistence when living and learning with her family and strives to “hold fast to dreams” while navigating life with laughter and creativity.