Megan Gilmore

Founder & Executive Director

Megan Gilmore (MA, ACC, CPCC, BCC, LCAC, LSCC) is the Founder and Executive Director of Lark's Song. She has been coaching for over 10 years, and has been studying and contributing to the fields of leadership and positive psychology also for over a decade.

She holds her bachelor's degrees in psychology and leadership, and master's degree in addictions counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University. Megan has written, trained, consulted, and presented extensively on the topics of life purpose, leadership, coaching, addictions, and human development.

In addition to holding three certifications in coaching, both nationally and internationally, Megan is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor and an ordained minister. After leaving her 9-5 job in higher education, Megan started her own coaching practice and desired the collaboration, care, and dynamic effectiveness that can be experienced by working with a team that shares a common vision. She formed Lark’s Song in September 2013 and began bringing on partners soon thereafter with a commitment to courageously co-creating a world that purposefully choses life and aliveness.

There are a few things that Megan knows to be true. Having tea is best realized as an experience and not as a beverage, Maggiano’s has the best lemon cookies on the planet, everything is better with caramel, assorted colors of pens in your possession at any time makes life more memorable, engaging in a dance party solo or with a child at least once a day is essential to any exercise plan, and playing life small does not serve anyone.

Elizabeth Taylor’s advice to “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” has saved her life multiple times.

Megan can be reached at