September 2019 - Well-Being for Kids




Skill Refresh - Coaching with Kids
and (BONUS) The Little Larks Well-Being Playlist

In this skill refresh, Megan shares two different voices of limiting beliefs - the Saboteur and the Imposter.





Belief Meditation Script and Recording

The Little Larks Well-Being program has 16 thematic and developmentally appropriate meditation recordings and scripts. This one focuses on the concept of belief - or what is most important to us about reality. Instead of using words like "presuppositions" we talk about how our ideas about what is true and dependable impacts how we live.

(Download script)




I'd like to invite you to imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning in a very different reality than when you fell asleep. Imagine that from the moment you wake up someone else is telling you what to do, what to eat, what to wear, where to go, how to move. Some of these people love you, some of them don't, but all of them are choosing for you. They decide what music you listen to and when you are allowed to speak, if you can get a drink or go to the bathroom. They speak words to and about you in your presence like you don't exist. When you start to share what you are excited about or maybe something you're learning, they tell you to be quiet. And then, perhaps, you really need something so you go to ask for it and they say something like, "Just a minute"...and then they forget, so your need goes unmet. And maybe, you even express some emotion at the injustice of all of this - which of course is shushed. Or maybe someone harms you with their words or their body in an attempt to control you.

This is the every day struggle of the children in our lives. As adults in the lives of children that have the skills that we have and know what we know at Lark's Song, we must steward them as precious human resources and give you the resources to do the same.

All of our assumptions about people, apply to children too. No matter their age, they are creative, unique, worthy, capable and ready to live at choice. And when you give them the resources to choose wisely and well for themselves, they do!

However, to facilitate fulfillment and flourishing in the lives of children requires so much internal stability and such a spirit of hospitality on our parts as adults that many of us don't go there. It also has the possibility to bring up a lot of pain about what wasn't done for us, or perhaps what we have done in the past that has actually harmed instead of helped.

The resources in this week's newsletter are a starting point in shifting your approach to children - one that honors their wholeness. Research shows that increasing well-being in children, increases their grades and significantly decreases anxiety and depression. So let's work together to prioritize the well-being of all of our kids.

Questions for Reflection:

- How am I hindering fulfillment and flourishing in the lives of the children around me?
- What inspiring examples do I have of people that create opportunities for children to shine?
- Who else can I learn from?
- Where can I make a significant impact in the lives of children based on my sphere of influence?

Affirmation (from Little Larks Module 1 - Belief):

“I am safe. I am loved deeply. There are always people ready to help me.”