Lark's Song is happy to offer free printing to our guests. We simply ask that you don't go too crazy with it, and only share this link with other Lark's Song guests.


Printing from any device:

To print to the printer/copier at Lark's Song, click the button below to get started via Google Cloud Print. (Note: You do not need to be connected to the Lark's Song wifi to enable this.) Google Cloud Print allows you to print by uploading any document or file via your web browser. 

OTHER methods

Printing from a PC

Option 1: If you proceed with connecting your Google account to Google Cloud Printer as listed above, you will be able to install the Cloud Printer on your PC. Follow the instructions on the Google Cloud Print site to do this.

Option 2: If you are connected to the Lark's Song WiFi and are running Windows, you can directly connect to the printer through the local network (click here if you need instructions how). The local IP address of the printer is and the driver model is Lanier MP C3500.

Printing from a Mac

If you would like to set up the Lark's Song printer as a printer on your Mac (to print from third-party applications such as Adobe Photoshop or others), first connect the printer to your Google account via the link above. Next, locate the app called "Cloud Printer" on the MacOS store ( Note that there is a second step necessary from the app developer to make this printer work on your Mac - follow the instructions provided.

Mobile devices and others

Learn about all the ways to connect to the Google Cloud Printer at