Ryan McCarty

Board Vice-Chairman

As Co-Founder of Culture of Good, Former Director of Customer and Employee Relations for TCC, Founding Pastor at God’s House, motivational speaker, author, and human rights activist, Ryan McCarty is known as a “rockstar of good”. With an extensive work history in directing employees toward their life purpose, he founded and launched the Culture of Good, a corporate CSR movement in over 30 states. His accomplishments include planting a successful church in Marion, Indiana (God’s House), starting an after school program (Center for Success), and building a church and school in Zambia, Africa. Ryan serves on the board of Lark’s Song to assist in its current business ventures and future vision. He joined the Lark’s Song board to keep it true to its mission to educate and empower lives to create positive transformative change in our world.

He calls Marion, Indiana home and is dad to two girls. He is married to Katara McCarty who keeps him in check, reminds him of his humanity, and proves if you can win an awesome woman’s heart you can win at anything.