Amplify: Discover and Expand your Purpose


Amplify: Discover and Expand your Purpose


People are restlessly longing for fulfillment, because they know there is more to life than what they are living. Most of us just are not sure what that is, but we know that we need to live lives of meaning and significance. We want to know that we are living purposefully, that our lives mean something, right now! 

Join us for our Amplify workshops to gain clarity, purpose, direction, and accountability to live your life in a way that generates more than just white noise - a clear and amplified life!

In this workshop you will:

  • Enjoy breakfast and refreshments with an amazing group of people in an energizing atmosphere. 
  • Identify your top five core values.
  • Create a life purpose statement.
  • Gain tools for aligning your goals and decision-making to to honor those values and that purpose. 
  • A personal workshop guide with additional tools and resources to help keep you on track.
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