Ceelelo School is our primary school in the sub-rural district of Chilanga outside Lusaka, Zambia. Ceelelo("chay-lay-lo") is a native Tongan word that is roughly translated as "the right of everyone to live fully with access to education and information.


Ceelelo serves the vulnerable children of the local Linda compound using our digital Little Larks Well-Being Curriculum, as well as a digital academic curriculum that meets all local standards and learning outcomes, under the facilitation of teachers trained as Lark’s Song Educational Coaches.

Ceelelo School was started in partnership with God’s House Ministries and launched in January 2017. Check out this video to hear Executive Director, Megan Gilmore tell the whole story:


What makes Ceelelo unique?

There are two pervasive barriers to education in the developing world: 1) the lack of access to educational materials and curriculum and 2) the lack of qualified teachers to meet the demand of students.

We are creatively overcoming these barriers by setting up WiFi connection options so children and teachers can access information and educational materials that are current, relevant and accurate, as well as training teachers as educational coaches, rather than content delivery experts.

We believe that this approach accesses the strength and creativity present in the uniqueness of individuals and diversity in culture, creates a sustainable and replicable model that can meet the needs of the education crisis in the developing world, and develops students as creative problem-solvers and curious, critical thinkers that can lead in implementing innovative solutions to meet the needs of the complex challenges within their communities.


How can people get invlolved with the school?

You can get involved by sending encouragement to our educational coaches and students at Ceelelo and supporting us financially through a one-time gift or an ongoing child sponsorship. In addition to the sponsorship needs for our students. Current needs include classroom sponsorships, a school kitchen, playground, and bus.


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