Discover your life's purpose.

At Lark’s Song we assume that every person is uniquely valuable and that we each carry core human needs for meaning, significance, hope, contribution, and belonging. It is from a clear understanding of our foundational values, unique design, and response to human needs that we can discover an overriding purpose of our lives and live with confidence around that purpose.

Our Life Purpose Discovery programs and services are opportunities to increase awareness, discovery, and courageous choice around personal life purpose. We understand that the sooner we can engage in these opportunities in our lives, the more we can increase our fulfillment and flourishing around our well-being. 

While Life Purpose Discovery is for everyone at any age, and it is a thread that weaves through all that we do, at Lark’s Song we specifically focus on developing a sense of life purpose in children. We do this through our Little Larks Classrooms.


What are "Little Larks Classrooms?"

Little Larks Classrooms are a diverse range of educational delivery systems, including virtual learning, experiential camps, and Ceelelo School in Zambia, Africa. We are always looking for creative ways to partner with other education professionals, so that the Little Larks Well-Being Program can be available to more children.
If you are interested in receiving more information about the program to see if it might serve the needs of children in your life, please read our Little Larks Credo and contact us to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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