Breakthrough Leadership: Beyond the "Big Five"


Breakthrough Leadership: Beyond the "Big Five"

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Friday, October 16th, 8am-4pm

led by Megan Gilmore

Are leaders born or made? Before the mid-1900s the study of leadership focused on five leadership traits that someone must possess to be an effective leader. Whether born with the big 5 or developed through training and experience, you had to have them. With a greater understanding of what leadership is and how it occurs, we now know that the big 5 are important, but not essential or sufficient in executing effective leadership. Through careful study and research of those that successfully envision, implement and sustain positive change, it has become clear that what is more important is an understanding of the leader's unique characteristics, limiting beliefs, and experiences. 

In this day conference, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A full battery of personal assessment results that focus all of the dimension of your internal self: mind, heart, soul, and spirit
  • A "differentiation" board that clearly represents your unique abilities as a leader
  • A leadership coaching session that identifies your personal leadership goals and develops accountability structures for your success 
  • Complimentary breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages
  • Conference printed materials and resource guide
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