WHY?: A series on Brand Experience and Visual Identity


WHY?: A series on Brand Experience and Visual Identity


Clarity is King.

This workshop is all about gaining perspective on the experiences you create for your clients and what those experiences communicate about your identity and relationships. There's a lot on the itinerary, but you can expect us to cover no less than:

  • How to establish an environment of trust for your unique target audience
  • How to identify yourself, your audience, and their climax of success on a storyline
  • How to translate your core values into a visual hierarchy
  • How to approach Marketing with Emotional Intelligence

Much of the workshop will be catered to the needs of those attending. Bring a well rested mind ready for an unique view of the world around us. If you are unprepared for an intensely intentional method of communicating your mission and connecting with your audience, please stay at home.

Led by Will Smith (aka WmIII) and Megan Gilmore. Lunch will be provided.

Cost: $100 per person

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